A High School Vampire
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Set in the town of Whitechapel in Toronto, best friends Austin Moon and Ally Dawson starts their lives, after being transferred from Miami, for a three year school exchange program. As they get to know more about the town, weird happenings has occurred to them. Their suspicions of the town arouses when they meet a geeky freshman boy named Ethan, a seer who has visions when he touches anything paranormal, his best friend Benny, a spellmaster, and his vampire babysitter Sarah. Austin and Ally, with the help of their best friends, Trish and Dez, helps the Ethan, Benny and Sarah with their supernatural adventures.


  • ...that Austin & Ally are characters from the TV series, Austin & Ally and series, A High School Rockstar?
  • ...that the series is set in Canada?
  • ...that the series is the second that Laugh Productions has picked up?
  • ...that Ross, Laura, Vanessa, Atticus and Kate are musicians/singer?


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On July 14, it has been confirmed that the premiere date of A High School Vampire would be this coming October/November 2012. The first two episodes has been confirmed, titled A High School Meeting and A High School Mystery. Production started a week ago and more episodes would be confirmed in the coming weeks.